Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Not named after that well known footballer and pundit Gary. Founded in 1962, the College named after Thomas Linacre (c.1460-1524) who was a distinguished humanist, medical scientist and classicist whose accomplishments established him as one of the great scholars of his time.

Linacre College stands at the end of South Parks Road as the first, or is it the last building on St Cross Road as you travel along from Parks Road. A ‘red brick’ (modern) college. Such colleges were often maligned by the intelligencia of the University of Oxford.

This portal is very much in a ‘ministry’ style. It reminds me of Station headquarters often seen on military bases.

"Linacre is a graduate College of the University of Oxford - wholly interdisciplinary and international in its student body, academically rigorous and environmentally aware in its ethos, and a genuine community of intellectual and social equals. . . . . . ", Paul Slack, Principle.

This college is good at big words.